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I have been a student for all of my life. Some would call that life-long learning or on-the-job education. So I am at present using this unique course to experience what Clint's words mean "The World is Our Classroom, Literally". A former counterpart of mine in Bangladesh - the Head of the Statistics Cell at the Department of Fisheries - always introduced himself with the words "I am a student of statistics". He was trying to create awareness for the value of the knowledge that comes from information out of data processing sytems.

Formally educated as a M.Sc. in International Agricultural Development with the major Economics and the thesis "Price Index Construction for Developing Countries' Fisheries Exports", I had to use IT early on, especially the Gauss and TSP (Time Series Processor) statistical programming languages on IBM-XT and AT (What a wait for the output that was with these machines!), and feeding SPSS on a mainframe computer with data through Hollerith punch cards (What a huge effort that was to feed these beasts!).

I used to work on technical assistance (TA) projects in Africa and Asia, in agriculture and fisheries. When the internet emerged I ventured into that business which led a few years back to getting involved with the mobile data business. In spring 2008 I went back into TA.

  • Designer, evaluator and strengthener of ICT supported (networked) Project Cycle Management (PCM) frameworks and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) frameworks including survey design aiming at accurate field data collection, all to facilitate results based management (RBM) and informed decision-making, i.e., to enable understanding of project planning, project execution constraints and project impacts, hence, to enable stakeholders to improve current operations and to improve the planning of future activities.
  • Promoter, designer and implementer of knowledge networking routines, enabling continuous generation of, access to and dissemination of up-to-date information facilitating management and informed decision-making.

But I have also been a teacher:

  • On-the-job ICT trainer aiming at project counterparts' confident utilisation as well as the self-reliant maintenance and extension of database driven management and decision support systems.




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